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H-LANA 758H02

US Sizes
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  • This women's sneaker makes you feel like you're walking on clouds: H-Lana is part of our Orthotritt segment and gives every foot a feeling of weightlessness thanks to its lightweight sole and H-width. You won't go unnoticed with its striped sole and prints. The additional zipper also makes it easier to put on and take off.

  • Fastener: laces and zipper
    Width: H (slightly stronger feet)
    Vamp (upper part of the shoe): premium quality stretchy and adaptable leather
    Inside: antibacterial and moisture absorbing inner lining
    Insole:  removable
    Outsole: PU LUPO-Sole
    Origin: 100% made in Europe
    Recommended by orthotists

    Waldläufer leathers mainly come from Germany and Italy. They're tanned with plant based products according to European regulations, which assure a sustainable manufacturing. The shoes are made with the latest technologies for sensitive feet in Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.